What Can My Virtual Assistant To Do Over The Christmas Break?

Work desk with laptop and notes

Hi everyone! It is nearly the Christmas period which means most of us get to go away on holidays and relax! But some of us don’t, including our Virtual Assistants. So I just want to have a little discussion about a question that I’m getting a moment in business around “What does my Virtual Assistant or VA do whilst I’m away?’

So there certainly are tasks that your VA can do for you and I probably would recommend you doing them because they’re usually the things that we really, really want to achieve throughout the year but we just don’t get the time. No one has time, right?

Email Monitoring

So I think the first thing would be also email monitoring. I’d probably start there. So I’d have your Virtual Assistant looking at whether it be Gmail or your cloud-based program that you’re using and categorising those into “IMPORTANT”, “NICE TO HAVE” and “URGENT”. So anything urgent of course, get the VA to click that through to the person who’s looking after everything whilst the office is in a sort of limbo through this period.

I would also get them to, if you feel comfortable, of course, respond to those owners or those tenants with you know a copy of an invoice, copy of a water bill, paid bills, statement end of financial year, those little questions that come up that are really, really easy to answer. So I’d definitely have them monitoring the inbox so that’s probably , you know, when there’s email that you’ve got to come back to.


The other thing that I said was probably really important is auditing. Something that offices don’t generally get the opportunity to do. So whether this be auditing with smoke alarms, whether it be pool compliance reports or certificates, water compliance, to make sure that you know what you’re charging for the tenants. So we do find in most businesses that these things aren’t really easily accessible and it’s not really visible when you go into the property, into the database. So having the VA check for compliance certificate, uploading notes in the system, pop-ups to say “Hey, this property is 100% water compliant”.

And the other thing that’s really important as well is checking your Management Agreements. Are we charging all the fees for the property. Is this property being charged to lease renewal fee every time we’ve done a lease renewal? Adding those fees in and setting up a process around the next time that this comes around so we don’t miss anything.

If you guys have any questions around setting this up or training your VA “How do I make this happen?” I’d really love to have a chat with you guys but if you’re already doing it then that’s really great and I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Christmas and we’ll talk soon!

So there you have it! There are tons of things your virtual assistant can do for you during this season. If you want to discuss setting up an optimal process for integrating an offshore staff into your business, call us on 1300 839 000 or send us an email. We’d love to help you sort this out!