7 Phone Hacks for better communication.

Boost your customer communication with these 7 phone hacks.

Let’s discuss something that can make a big difference in your customer communication, save time, and help your staff work smarter.
I’m talking about phone hacks. We all know that building relationships or selling over the phone can be a real challenge. You can’t read body language or engage in eye contact; sometimes, people multitask while on the call. But here are 7 simple hacks that can help you get the most out of your phone calls, whether outbound or inbound.

Listen more than you talk

When you give your customers space to express their thoughts, concerns, and questions, you’re allowing them to identify the services they need and showing genuine interest in their specific needs. By listening attentively, you can build rapport and offer personalised solutions instead of just providing a one-size-fits-all approach.

Stay on time

It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of your workday and procrastinate making follow-up calls. But remember, customers appreciate reliability. If you promise to call them back in a week, do it. Setting tasks or reminders for follow-up calls and sticking to them demonstrate professionalism and commitment to your customers.

Notes, notes, and more notes

Taking clear and concise notes during phone conversations is critical. It ensures you don’t have to repeat any information or rediscover what you’ve already discussed. By demonstrating that you remember previous discussions, you show your customers that they matter to you and that you value their time.

Timing is everything

Have you ever wondered when to connect with your customers? Is it late afternoon, early morning, or after work hours? Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Still, finding out what works best for your specific audience is crucial. Use customer relationship management software (CRM) to record when you make your calls and track how many successful connections you have. This real-time data will help you determine the optimal time to reach your customers.

They aren’t just your work hours

Sometimes, making calls outside regular business hours can yield surprising results. Many potential customers make personal decisions during non-work hours, so it’s worth adjusting your schedule to accommodate them. By being available when they have the time to engage, you’ll increase your chances of making a meaningful connection and closing the deal without having to work extra hours.

Bye for now

When you wrap up a phone call, always communicate the next steps clearly to your customer. Whether scheduling a meeting or setting a date for your next check-in, make sure they know what to expect. Leaving them guessing can cause unnecessary stress or make them reconsider their decision. Remember, most people work off their internal to-do lists, so give them a clear direction.

Make it convenient for the customer

We’ve all experienced the frustration of phone tags, voicemails, and tricky automated systems. But there’s a simple solution—don’t always call the customer. Instead, let them call you! Use apps or CRM software to implement a “book a call” function in your calendar. This way, customers can easily schedule a call with you at a time that works for both parties. It shows that you respect their time and allows you to maintain a structured day with minimal interruptions.

If you’re wanting to provide a better customer experience and increase your conversion than I hope this has been an actionable list of phone hacks. Would you like an extra hack? Get a business to setup the structure, CRM and systems you’ll need to have the best phone experience for your customers. Better yet get us to set this up for you, we clearly know how, so why not book a call with me today.