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Latest Articles

Latest articles of interest and musings from the RealCloud Team

Latest Articles

Latest articles of interest and musings from the RealCloud Team

Latest Articles

Staff won’t matter if the process is broken

In any business, including plumbing and electrical trades, having the right staff is crucial for maximizing productivity. However, without efficient administration and well-defined processes, your staff's potential may go to waste. Staffing, business process mapping, and clear instructions are key components to prevent wastage of time and resources.

Improve Processes For Trades Success

Success in trades business lies in mastering your operational factors. Overcome engagement hurdles, enhance work culture, and adopt a learning mindset. Keep processes that spark innovation and match your trade goals. Celebrate hardworking staff to boost morale and loyalty. Maintain high standards through accountability. Your choices determine the business outcome.

Process Improvement – Your Business’s Magic Key

Business processes are the gears that streamline operations, maintain quality standards, and enhance customer satisfaction. These processes benefit employees and can save money by eliminating inefficiencies. By focusing on goals and desired outcomes, you can design effective processes to keep your company competitive.

How Change Management Can Change your Business

Change Management is all about strategic, organised shifts in a business, such as updating processes, integrating new tech, or redefining goals. Handling diverse changes - adaptive, transitional, transformational - it's the key. Effective CM helps overcome employee resistance, achieve goals, manage resources efficiently, and stimulate continuous improvement.

The Power of a Solid Business Plan

We all want to get the most out of our businesses, so today, let's discuss the key to unlocking its full potential. That’s right—I’m talking about a Business Plan. In its simplest form, it’s a document that outlines your business’s goals, strategies for achieving them, and the time frame for doing so. It also includes details about your market, competition, and financial forecasts.

What Does A Business Consultant Do

You must have heard the term “business consultant” being thrown around. There’s often a mystery surrounding this role, with many misconceptions. Some think they’re just high-priced trouble-shooters; others imagine them as saviours swooping in to solve every problem. These experts possess a unique set of skills and knowledge that can transform struggling ventures into thriving enterprises. But what exactly do they do? 

Like any growing business you are looking for new and innovative ways to streamline processes and business transformation. By increasing your peoples output you are well on the way to maximising your business growth and profitability.

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