What Does a Business Consultant Actually Do?

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You must have heard the term “business consultant” being thrown around. There’s often a mystery surrounding this role, with many misconceptions. Some think they’re just high-priced trouble-shooters; others imagine them as saviours swooping in to solve every problem. These experts possess a unique set of skills and knowledge that can transform struggling ventures into thriving enterprises. But what exactly do they do? 

 This article will take a relaxed deep dive into the business consultant world and peel back the layers to shed some light on what they can do. Business is all about profits, in other words money! So, if you currently losing money, want to save money or grow your money, by the end, you’ll have a clearer picture of how a consultant can help you in these areas and add value to your business. 

A business consultant is fundamentally a GPS for your business. Business consultants are first and foremost catalysts for change and help you navigate the most efficient route from Point A (where you are now) to Point B (where you aspire to be).  

With expertise across various business functions like strategy, operations, finance, human resources, and more, a consultant brings a fresh and unbiased bird’s eye view to your business. They can help you save money, open new markets, and create growth. At RealCloud Solutions, we ask the tough questions, challenge the status quo and steer companies towards innovative solutions. We achieve this through unlocking the untapped potential attributed to your business map….your business plan. Don’t have one? Don’t stress, we can help you with that too!   

Firstly, let us debunk two common myths about what business consultants do.  

Myth 1: A business consultant is only necessary for companies in crisis.

While yes, consultants do help struggling businesses, their role is equally pivotal for flourishing companies. The role of a business consultant goes beyond troubleshooting or crisis management. Giving objective advice and conducting critical analysis can help make decisions, plan for growth, and prevent complacency in all companies.  

Myth 2: Business consultants will come in and turn the whole operation upside down.

A skilled business consultant acts more like a coach, guiding you to make better business decisions and play a pivotal role in change management and implementation of solutions. They don’t pull the rug out from under you but partner and assist you in finding your own path to success. 

You may be thinking, but we have a great team who are highly capable, we can do this ourselves, when we get the time. All too often however, teams are so busy in the weeds, that they seldom have the time to step-back and take the strategic view beyond fighting fires.   

 Sometimes we are also too close to our business to actually see where we can improve our performance. Whether that’s— 

  • where we are losing time or money, 
  • where we can save time or money, or 
  • where we can make money.

 Let’s get down to brass tacks. Why should you engage a business consultant? What benefits can a business consultant bring to your company? 


A good consultant will have knowledge and experience accumulated over the years of real world working with diverse businesses. Drawing on this treasure trove, they can offer valuable insights and innovative solutions tailored to your specific needs.  


Perspective: Sometimes, seeing the forest for the trees is hard. Being so close to your operations can lead to blind spots. A consultant provides a fresh, unbiased view of your business, helping you see things differently.  One of their key roles is to solve complex problems, consider multiple sources and acting as a sounding board for all contributors on pain points, suggestions and ultimate decisions. 

Cost Efficiency:

Hiring more full-time staff is not always feasible, especially for small to medium-sized businesses. Consultants offer flexible arrangements, providing high-level expertise without the long-term commitment and ongoing employment costs.  

Goal-Oriented Approach:

Business Consultants get paid for results! They create clear, measurable objectives and work towards achieving them. Their reputation is on the line, so they have skin in the game and want to ensure you get value for your investment.  Throughout the implementation, they monitor the outcomes, solicit feedback, and make the necessary tweaks to get the best possible results. 

Training and Development:

Business Consultants devise strategies and impart skills to your team. They empower and train your employees to use new systems and processes, thereby imparting knowledge and tools that will enable your team to continuously improve and tackle future challengers with more confidence. 

The role of a Business Consultant is invaluable, they’re strategic thinkers, problem solvers, innovators, and coaches. Their expertise can bring transformative change, which drives growth and efficiency, all while building your team’s capacity.  In a nutshell, a business consultant’s sole focus is assisting you to have a cost-effective back office to drive your company forward for long term success.  

From small-scale optimisations to large-scale transformations, the right business consultant can be your compass in an often-turbulent business world.  The right Business Consultant can make a positive long-lasting impact on your business!  

So, now you know what a Business Consultant can do. 

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