Who is the MVP of your business?

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Often business owners nominate a member of their team as their Most Valuable Player, and whilst this can be true, they often overlook the systems and processes involved to help this person reach these heights.

If we look at a football team, there is always a standout player that turns up and seems to have a major influence on the outcome of the game, but commonly it is the little one percenters that the team around this player accomplishes that allow them to shine.

The coach needs a plan, a system, and a process for the team to execute. They need to be able to pivot and react to changes in the playing conditions and trust that the team’s systems, training and belief in these will allow them to win.

In business, many leaders and business owners need a plan, process, system or the belief that their team can execute and win. Suppose your business goals need to be clarified or procedures are stored in staff members’ heads. In that case, no matter how much confidence and training the business owner provides, everyone works in different directions, with varying ideas of the business goals and how to achieve them.

I would argue that the MVP of your business needs to be the plan, the process and the systems to allow your team to win.