Hire a Robot Employee to Do The Heavy Lifting

Free your Admin staff from the everyday mundane tasks.

Put an Ai robot employee to work, cut costs and maximise your staff’s skillsets and output…

Efficiency & Savings

Increased Efficiency and Cost Saving

Enhance Engagement

Enhanced Customer Service and Engagement

Employee Satisfaction

Transform Customer and Employee Satisfaction

Business Opportunities

Job Creation and Demand for AI Specialists:

Hire a Virtual Assistant That Builds Your Business

We provide fully qualified virtual staff to Australian businesses.
From Admin Staff, Customer Service, Bookkeepers, through to work scheduling and more…

Admin Efficiency

70% of admin can be outsourced to a Virtual Assistant

Work Your Timezone

Your Virtual Assistant will be working when you are

Local Support

We are available to assist you when you need help

Speak English

Easy to communicate with and understand directives

Efficient, Innovative,

Imagine a workplace where 95% of your administrative burden is lifted, thanks to advanced robots, adept at task automation and management.

Robot Employees are not just tools; they are a seamless extension of your team, designed to think and act like humans but with the precision and consistency that only a machine can offer. 

With Robot Employees, decision-making becomes swift and error-free. They excel in knowledge management, ensuring that every piece of crucial information is processed, stored, and retrieved with unparalleled accuracy. This isn’t about replacing human effort; it’s about enhancing it, allowing your team to focus on what truly matters – growth and innovation. 

Picture this: no more drowning in paperwork, no more being shackled by time-consuming administrative chores. Our Human Imitating Robot Employees are your key to breaking free from the paperwork prison. They work tirelessly, efficiently, and without the errors that can hamper productivity and cost your business. 

The future of efficient business operations is here, and it’s time to be a part of it. 

Task Automation

Seamless integration, timely communication, informed decisions, precision, orchestrated efficiency

Efficient and accurate

Task Management

Effortless task mapping, automated delegation, visual monitoring and enhanced efficiency

Slash staff costs

Secure Storage

Comprehensive knowledge base, secure storage, automated processes, integrated management

Secure integrated management

Machine Learning

Integrated Machine Learning, process optimisation, expert training, complete automation

Enhance process optimisation

Let your staff do what they do best, and let a Robot Employee take care of the rest!

Are your staff stuck doing repetitive, mundane tasks every day before they can start doing the work that makes your business money? It’s time to automate so they can concentrate on what they do best.

Boost your business productivity and reduce costs with a Robot employee tailored to your business needs with ongoing local support. Harness the power of AI at a fraction of the price of a staff member.

virtual assistant brisbane
virtual assistants reduce your admin workload

Is your staff drowning
in administrative tasks?

Robot Employees keep detailed step-by-step logs of everything they do (including screenshots), so your entire business will be thoroughly traceable and auditable.

Robot Employees are more accurate than humans, which means fewer mistakes and less rework.

Robot Employees are more cost effective. There are no long-term wage commitments. On-demand per minute pricing means you only pay for the time you use, and you can set limits on your Robot Employee’s costs.

You never need to recruit, interview, onboard or train new employees again. Robot Employees can be trained just by watching a video of someone else doing the work, and all come fully trained on your processes.

Talk to us today and see the difference a Robot Employee can make to your business.

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Since we employed a VA to handle our office admin, paperwork, scheduling of jobs, etc, I now have the flexibility to be on the tools when I have to be and the freedom to drop in at our various job sites, knowing that I don’t have hours of paperwork waiting for me when I get back to the office.

Sean – Relianzi


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RealCloud Solutions specialises in aligning your business with the perfect virtual assistant, well-versed in your unique needs and industry specifics whether Real Estate & Property Management, Trades, Construction, Accounting, or Bookkeeping, our expert virtual assistants can streamline your operations and amplify productivity.

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